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About Us

Started in December 2014, we are a local Singaporean online streetwear store which specializes in designing unisex trendy, relatable and quality pieces for the masses. We currently only design apparels, but we are looking to expand into other areas in the near future. One thing that separates us from the others in this industry is that each and every piece that we offer is exclusively and individually designed by us, down to every stroke. Thus, you can expect a variety of unique designs only available on our site.


Meaning behind the brand

"Avarice" stands for extreme greed for wealth. In this world now, everything we strive for: a better grade, a better job, a better life, is spurred on by the thought of money and how we could all get more of it. Money has become a description of success. This brand name was chosen to reflect on how the society has come to in this day and age- where money and greed control direction and how people are pushed towards success.
Thus, explaining our tagline, "Greed is Good".


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